Welcome to Single File. The podcast that randomly selects number one songs from the annals of pop music history, and one by one, tries to figure out what made them hit the top of the charts.
With the help of the NOPR SuperComputer and a variety of special guests, each week we discuss, dissect, make mockery of, and praise these unforgettable (and sometimes very forgettable) hits. While some of these songs are timeless masterpieces, others quickly faded into obscurity, consigned to oblivion. Nonetheless, they were all a beloved number one at some point, and have secured their place in pop culture. It’s now our job to find out where.

That’s where you come in.

Each week, your mission is to rate the current song on our website, compiling your ranking with those from dozens of other listeners around the world.
Together we will build a comprehensive ranked database of every number one hit, and finally know which number one truly is… number one.


What is the NOPR?
The NOPR is the Number One Podcast Repository, a supercomputer built by our team of pop culture research scientists using tried and true cold-war era technology. It has been loaded with the data for every song to ever reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as the Modern Rock/Alternative and Hip Hop/R&B charts. Despite being meticulously programmed to generate random selections at the push of a button, the NOPR is not perfect and requires constant attention and maintenance. Glitches happen and peculiar anomalies can occur, all leading to new and exciting developments in number one podcast research technology.

What?! Why is there no Country Music in the NOPR?
While there are plenty of great number one songs on the Billboard Country Chart, the best ones also made it to number one over on the Billboard Hot 100 and are therefore included in the NOPR’s data pool. Because the other 99% of country music is objectively bad with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, the Billboard Country Music Chart was deemed “not culturally significant” by our research team of scientists and thusly omitted from the project.

Who is the host?
Along with a variety of guests, Single File is hosted by Dillon Gentry at Cabana Boy Studios in lovely downtown Beaverton, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Dillon is a guitarist, cool dad, freelance graphic designer, and also co-hosted Radio Blackout, another podcast currently on hiatus. You may recognize some of the guests on Single File from past episodes of that show.

When are new episodes released?
Pending any sort of technical difficulty, natural disaster, or other debilitating setback, new episodes are released every Sunday.

Are you ever going to do an episode about __________?
Eventually, yes. With over 2,000 songs in the NOPR database (and more added every week), it may take a while, but we guarantee that if your favorite song made it to number one, we will cover it on a future episode.

On one episode you said _______ about_______ and that was totally wrong. What gives?
We do our best to report accurate data about the songs and artists we cover. The annals of pop culture history are a scary place, full of misinformation, uninformed opinions, and wild speculation. Sorting through all of it can be a daunting task. If we miss something critical or state something that you believe to be incorrect, please let us know via one of the methods on our Contact Page. We are happy to give credit on air to anyone willing to put in the research to prove us wrong. Additionally, we welcome your subjective takes on these songs as well, just try and keep it constructive.

What happens when you finally figure out which number one song is truly number one?
There will be an official event that will include complimentary drinks and snacks, followed by the crowning of the winner, amending the Billboard wikipedia page, and closing ceremonies. Don’t worry, you’re all invited.