“Celebrity Skin” by Hole – 1998

This week we welcome legendary beer-league hockey superstar Kevin Palmer to Cabana Boy Studios to join us in exploring the 1998 Modern Rock Tracks number one: “Celebrity Skin” by Hole.
With Kevin’s deep knowledge of the movie “The People vs Larry Flynt” and even deeper hatred for riot grrrl-turned-actress-turned-celebrity musician, Courtney Love, this episode is chock-full of fun facts and wildly subjective opinions of her character. Did Billy Corgan write this song? Did Kurt Cobain really kill himself? Is Courtney Love the Yoko Ono of Generation X? All these questions and more will be answered on this episode of Single File.

“Celebrity Skin” by Hole – 1998

This week Kevin Palmer joins us to talk about the 1998 number one single Celebrity Skin by Hole. Your participation matters. Please don’t forget to rate this song at singlefilepod.com!!! Cabana Boy Studios Voicemail Hotline: 971-999-0270 Follow us on Twitter: @singlefilepod Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/singlefilepod Email: singlefilepod@gmail.com

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